security information

1. When does Design3000 GmbH use or process personal data?

Design3000 GmbH manages your personal data with the utmost level of confidentiality. We adhere strictly to the legal provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Teleservice Data Protection Act when collecting, processing, and using personal data. As a general rule, it is possible to visit our website without leaving any personal data. In some cases, however, we will require personal data from you, namely:

  • when you place an order
  • when establishing contact with us
  • when using the secure area "My Account"
  • when you subscribe to or cancel the newsletter

Credit card data is NOT stored by us.

Design3000 GmbH uses your personal related data for mailings like our newsletter but only if you have given up your consent.
Naturally, you have the right at any time to rescind our permission to use or process your personal data for marketing purposes by sending us a corresponding notice. This can be done by mailing a brief letter to design3000 GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Str. 14, 64711 Erbach or via E-Mail to info@design3000.de.

2. What does Design3000 GmbH do with your personal data?

We use your personal data for processing your order, for delivering the goods, for checking credit-worthiness, for processing the payment, to guard against the misuse of our Internet website, and to inform you about the status of your order.

The optimization and adequate design of this website shall be produced via solutions and technologies provided by econda GmbH´s (http://www.econda.de) collected and stored anonymized data, as well as, the use of pseudonyms generated from user profile data. These data shall not be merged, however, with the data from the bearer of the pseudonym. Visitors to this website can, at any time and in the future, appose the collection and storage of data by referring to the following site: (http://www.econda.de/index.php?id=491).

Your personal data, including your residential address and your e-mail address will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit and, at any time, revocable consent. Excluded hereof are our service partners, those involved with transmission of data as required during order processing (for example, exchanges with the shipping company responsible for delivery and payment settlement with the responsible institution.) In these cases, the volume of data transmitted is limited to the necessary minimum.

Unless the method of payment is prepayment or pay on delivery, we exchange address and credit history data with other mail order and service companies to carry out credit checks and for other legitimate reasons. We also make inquiries at Schimmelpfeng Creditmanagement GmbH, Pallaswiesenstr.180-182, 64293 Darmstadt.

Personal data is then exchanged with other companies if required. For example, it is quite possible that data is transmitted to a supplier who then delivers the goods to you straight from the factory. Any data transmitted to a supplier may only be used to satisfy requirements related to the delivery of goods. Any other use of the data is strictly forbidden.

Your legitimate interests in accordance with legal requirements are taken into consideration. Your address and order data is also used by us for internal analysis.

At any time you have the right to free disclosure, rectification, blocking and where applicable deletion of your stored data. Please contact admin@design3000.de or send us your request by mail or by fax (+49 (0) 60 62 - 80 9 80 10).

Establishing a Profile

What exactly happens when establishing a profile?

design3000.de evaluates usage-related and technical information. Regarding usage-related information, we can understand: Data, the effects of usage behavior on our web presence

These include, for example:

  • the retrieval of information from our web presence
  • date and time of retrieval
  • the volume of data transferred
  • the notification of successful retrievals
  • purchase data
  • opened and clicked on items

Under technical information, we can evaluate data obtained from your internet browser and your operating system.

Depending on your user behavior, as well as any additional voluntary information, you will receive product offers from design3000.de which are thought to be of interest to you. Additionally, due to these optimized controls, we can also offer to minimize the advertisement and marketing ads presented to you.

We would like to advise that through the continuous collection of information, we are able to provide a detailed usage profile about you.

Which technical methods will be used to establish a profile?

Our service providers (such as Google Analytics, Open Track) use cookies and other technologies, in order to identify or re-identify you. Additionally, we use so-called digital fingerprints for the re-identification users. Your computer transmits various (system) data during a website visit, which is stored by our computer system. By using data comparisons, your presence can be identified upon a repeat visit on the website; Authorization for this is dependent on the individual setting on your computer or mobile device.

3. How does Design3000 GmbH protect your personal data?

In order to prevent sensitive data (such as adresses and payment data) from falling into the wrong hands it is encoded using the SSL-Process (Secure-Socket-Layer). This is the most up-to-date and safest method available for transmitting data in the Internet. It is used as a standard procedure at design3000 for transmitting sensitive data.

Moreover, design3000 employs a variety of other safety measures for protecting the personal data of its customers. The password requirement for gaining access to your customer account is one example of a safety measure.

4. Does Design3000 GmbH make use of cookies?

Design3000 GmbH makes use of cookies to help us make your shopping experience a pleasant one. In this shop the cookies provide us information about the contents saved in your shopping cart on your previous orders.

5. What are cookies and why are they used by us? Cookies

Cookies are text files, that upon a visit on a website, they are stored on the user´s computer.

In this shop the cookies provide us information about the contents saved in your shopping cart on your previous orders. This information can be then called up on your next visit. If and when you log on with us or want to place an order, we always need your customer data. If you are already a customer, you can sign yourself on easily through your e-mail address and your personal password. The stored data in a cookie makes it unnecessary to fill out the application every time you log on. In addition, you can use your browser program to manage the receipt of cookies and block them as appropriate.

6. Are cookies hazardous?

There will always be a rumor spread that cookies can be very dangerous for your computer. However, cookies definitely cannot effect the following:

  • Cookies cannot transmit viruses.
  • Cookies cannot readout hard disk data.
  • Your e-mail address will not be disclosed through the usage of cookies.
  • Cookies cannot send unnoticed e-mails.
  • Cookies cannot be readout by other web servers.

7. You want to forgo the advantages of our cookies?

If you are not interested in our cookies and would like to forgo their benefits, simply click on the help function. The help function in the menu bar of most browsers will explain how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to advise your browser upon receipt of a new cookie or, additionally, how to delete all cookies accumulated and how to block receipt of any further cookies.

For example in Internet Explorer 5.0:
1. Select the “Extra” option in the Internet options menu.
2. Click on the “Privacy” tab.
3.You can now set whether cookies should be accepted, selected or blocked.
4. Press “OK”, to confirm your setting.

However, to fully utilize and experience some of the most interesting features offered by Design3000 GmbH, this can only be achieved through the use of our cookies. For example, as an article is inserted into your shopping cart, our server reads the code on the cookie and will remember that the article belongs in your shopping cart.

Therefore, in the event that you choose to visit other websites after your shopping-tour on Design3000 GmbH and then revert back to our website, your shopping cart will still be filled with the selected item or items. This service is possible only through the use of our cookies.

We, therefore, recommend that the setting to receive cookies be switched on.

8. What is an SSL encryption?

Your personal data is needed by Design3000 GmbH for various business processes. For example, during the login process onto your customer account, sensitive data shall be transmitted to our server. In order to prevent personal data from falling into the wrong hands it is encrypted using the SSL-Process (Secure-Socket-Layer) This is currently the most up-to-date and safest method available for transmitting data in the Internet.

Through the use of the SSL-Process your data will be altered so that it cannot be reconstructed by a third party before it is transferred to the design3000-server. The SSL-Process will continue to ensure that your data is only sent to the server, as requested by you, within the framework of this encryption method. Your personal data will be examined essentially for completeness and accuracy upon arrival on the Design3000 GmbH-server.

If you utilize Internet Explorer as you browser, encrypted data transmission will be symbolized by a yellow padlock icon which you will notice on the bottom bar of your browser.