rephorm is busy with development aid for balconia. They create innovative products to make the balcony a beautiful living space.

about rephorm: The Berlin design label rephorm offers new product solutions for urban areas of life which have hardly been taken into consideration up to now: Planters connected to balcony balustrades allow an innovative kind of urban green; original and clever product ideas activate unused parts of living spaces. The specifcally developed products are in direct symbiosis to the surrounding architecture; therefore they give these fallow spaces new qualities.
the designer Besides being creative project co-ordinator for shop and trade fair concepts for international lifestyle brands, Berlin architect Michael Hilgers has focused on the development of novel kinds of product species. The name of his offce !idee speaks for itself: Product niches are tracked down and given convenient, simplifed solutions. Seemingly well known products are cited and put into a new context: the result is a fresh, natural product with a dèja-vu effect.