Revier Souvenir

To develop contemporary souvenirs for the Ruhrgebiet (the Ruhr district) – with this idea, the designers Anke Barniske and Bettina Hildebrand launched the brand “Revier Souvenir” and started their business in 2008.  It quickly became clear that there is a demand for authentic yet at the same time “hearty” souvenirs – an assumption the two entrepreneurs had right from the beginning on. Within a short time the brand has established itself and in the meantime the products are available in Germany on a nationwide basis.

Deliberately playing with the cliché of the Ruhr district, the “Revier”, yet without adhering to the typical black-white pictures is the key to the development of new product ideas. In terms of language, the extensive linguistic fund of the “Pott” is a source often and happily used.

People like this - this catches on. Thus, Revier Souvenir will constantly expand its range with original ideas, hereby warming the hearts of the “Ruhris” as well as the fans of the “Revier” district.

Anke Barniske, born 1970 in Wernigerode and grown up in the Ruhrgebiet. After finalizing her studies in Communications Design she has worked in several advertising agencies in the areas of Design, Print and TV.

Bettina Hildebrand, born 1969 in Reutlingen, studied Communications Design at the Folkwang University in Essen. Up to the foundation of Revier Souvenir she worked as a freelance graphic designer.