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Description of Menu Wine Decanter

Make the wine experience better and more appealing
It is amazing how much even the cheaper wines gain from being decantered. And when it comes to vintage wines, decantering is simply a prerequisite for opening up the wine and releasing their full range of characteristics. Designer Louise Christ Frederiksen has recently added the broad base necessary for swirlingthe wine properly so as to achieve the right aeration.The balance and ergonomic design are eminent and the decanter sits well in the hand, whether you prefer to hold it by the neck or the base. Nor have the practical details been overlooked. With the precision pouring lip, dripping is avoided. And the stainless steel metal rim can be detached from the glass part to prevent bacteria forming in the gap between the materials.
Design: Louise Christ Frederiksen

Art-No.: 201-4659039

Measures: Length 19 cm, Width 19 cm, Height 22 cm, Diameter 19 cm
Weight: 1.295 kg
Category: Decanting Carafe
Brand: Menu
Color: clear
Material: stainless steel; rubber; glass
Designer: Louise Christ

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