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Description of Menu Water Jug 1,3L

New, stylish water jug reminds you that you need to drink water.
Water is the source of life – and most of us drink far too little of it. All bodily functions depend on the regular supply of fresh water, a daily ration of 1.5 litres being the ideal dose if you want to feel healthy. With this in mind, it is only natural that the design company Menu has chosen to introduce its new water jug as part of the company’s Wellness series.
The water jug is a joy to behold and at the same time a gentle reminder that the body needs water. Designer Pil Bredahl has specifically created a tall, slim and simple water jug for the purpose it was intended. There can be little doubt that the jug is for pouring water, not wine, she explains. The slender, waist-like shape provides a solid grip and the elegant lid comes with a mechanism which automatically opens when you pour, ensuring that foreign objects stay out and ice cubes, slices of lemon and mint leaves stay in.

Art-No.: 201-4661139

Measures: Length 12 cm, Width 12 cm, Height 33.5 cm, Diameter 12 cm
Weight: 1.13 kg
Category: Carafe
Brand: Menu
Color: clear
Material: stainless steel; silicone; glass
Designer: Pil Bredahl
Series: Waterjug

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