Our focus is our own product development together with selected product designers. We strive to evoke positive emotions with unique and original gifts and promotional items.

Originally, TROIKA was founded in 1972 in England as a producer of high quality men‘s gifts. In 1992, Liudger Böll brought the company to Germany. TROIKA Germany GmbH is headquartered in Müschenbach in the Westerwald. Whereas TROIKA began in 1992 with a small, highly motivated team of 5 staff members and in the meantime had to fight against the complicated conditions of the market, today more than 30 staff members are steadily employed. A small warehouse in 1992 has in the mean time become 1000 pallet spaces, which are managed by a modern warehouse administration programme. TROIKA sells the products through 3 sales channels to the end customers. Gift item retail to end customers > B2C Advertising item trade to companies > B2B The export to more than 70 countries is realised through local national partners or agents.

The own development of the products in cooperation with free product designers is especially important for TROIKA. It is TROIKA’s primary concern to trigger emotions = pleasure for the recipient with unique and original gifts and advertising items. Through direct feedback from our specialty retailers, we are able to quickly integrate the latest trends and developments into our designs. To secure quality and delivery reliability, TROIKA has its own product management team and falls back on long-term partners in the Far East, which carry out the quality controls on location according to the TROIKA quality management system (AQL) and which secure the logistic perfection. Where it is possible we try to work together with European or German suppliers.

TROIKA is systematically developing the brand TROIKA to the advantage of all TROIKA partners. TROIKA is already represented in many countries through exclusive importers for the sales channels of specialised trade “B2C” and advertising items trade “B2B”. The brand TROIKA today stands for modern men‘s gifts and advertising carriers “designed in Germany” which are delivered to more than 70 countries around the world together with numerous partners. Innovative energy, excellent design and exclusiveness (TROIKA by TROIKA only) are the common denominator for all products, which predominantly are produced from stainless steel, aluminium and fine leather.