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  • Menu Trivet Propeller pale yellow
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Menu Trivet Propeller

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Propeller – a functional, space-saving trivet by Menu

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  • Menu Trivet Propeller pale yellow
    23,95 € *
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Description of Menu Trivet Propeller

The elegant, space-saving trivet favorably combines form with function and keeps away heat, cold and moisture from the delicate table surface. The propeller blades are aerodynamically shaped, giving this trivet a light and airy design. The blades are attached in the middle allowing Propeller to be effortlessly folded and unfolded like a fan, for easy storing in the cutlery drawer.

Allow yourself a little time to enjoy the elegant design, before the trivet is again hidden away underneath serving bowls, pots and pans. This trivet is also available in many eye-catching colors.

Propeller is a perfect gift or small present for a good friend´s dinner invitation.

Art-No.: 201-4448/VP

Measures: Length 21 cm, Width 2 cm, Height 2 cm
Weight: 0.14 kg
Category: Place Mats
Brand: Menu
Color: green; red; black; purple; white; yellow; grey; pink
Material: silicone; plastic
Designer: Jakob Wagner
Series: Propeller

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