Creano Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of Life

Creano Creano

Thermo-Glass Mug by Creano - a thermo-glass mug made of double-walled glass for hot and cold beverages with a great design

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Creano Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of LifeCreano Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of LifeCreano Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of Life

Description of Creano Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of Life

The Thermo-Glass Mug Flower of Life by Creano is not only a colorful eye-catcher but it will also impress you with its functional design.

The handblown, double-walled glass has an insulating effect caused by the trapped air between the layers and, as a result, keeps your drinks always at the right drinking temperature – coffee and tea remain warm longer, cold drinks, of course, remain cold longer. Additionally, the double-walled glass ensures for a constant and uniform temperature of the outer glass layer, making burning your fingers a thing of the past. Another great effect: condensation does not develop and annoying water rings are no longer left on the table while enjoying a nice, cold drink.

The heat-resistant mug made of borosilicate glass is lightweight and delicately crafted. When filled it gives the impression that the beverage is floating in the glass. The fascinating flower is located in the inner glass to help maintain its beauty even after long-term use.

  • insulating double-walled glass
  • handmade
  • heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • volume: 250 ml per mug
Enjoy hot and cold drinks in this Thermo-Glass Mug by Creano and admire the vivid design.

Art-No.: 315-171

Measures: Length 7.5 cm, Width 7.5 cm, Height 10.5 cm, Diameter 7.5 cm, Volume 0.25 L
Weight: 0.15 kg
Category: Cups
Brand: Creano
Color: pink
Material: glass


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