Strawberry in Can

Strawberries in a Can for fruit lovers designed by Extragoods

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Strawberry in CanStrawberry in Can

Description of Strawberry in Can

We love strawberries. Just think of all of the delicious things you can prepare with strawberries: strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream and jam, and so much more. For all of those who cannot get enough of this sweet fruit, available now is the Strawberry in a Can that you can grow yourself. And, without a garden and even in your own kitchen you will now be able to cultivate this little plant.

Of course the little strawberry plant can be planted out later, a delight for the following years.

Mac Flowers will make you happy. The small flowers in a can are a lovely gift for young and old. You will see the plants as they germinate and grow and will be amazed as they bloom and flourish.
Can contents:
  • dry granules
  • seeds
  • plant nutrients
  • care instructions
Naturally the can contains everything needed to grow the the strawberries. You only have to keep the granules moist and provide a warm and sunny spot. How about the window sill or, during the warm summer months, the balcony or terrace.

Mementos in a can – a lovely and sweet gift idea for fruit and plant lovers!

Art-No.: 105-89062

Measures: Length 7.5 cm, Width 7.5 cm, Height 8 cm, Diameter 7.5 cm, Volume 0.426 L
Weight: 0.12 kg
Category: Flowers in a Can
Color: coloured
Material: sheet
Series: Mac Flowers

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