AdHoc Spice Infuser Spice Bomb

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Spice Bomb – spice infusor for perfect seasoning

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AdHoc Spice Infuser Spice BombAdHoc Spice Infuser Spice Bomb

Description of AdHoc Spice Infuser Spice Bomb

Let us share a confession – the annoying business of picking spices out of a sauce has cost us many burnt fingers and frayed nerves. AdHoc has devoted a lot of time and thought to this spicy little problem and has developed a clever solution. Spice Bomb enables easy seasoning, spares your fingers during and after preparation and keeps them clean.
Heat-resistant up to 240° C, this clever little spice filter allows spices to be added individually. All you need to do is remove the silicone from the stainless steel filter and fill it with your desired spices. You then simply hang Spice Bomb in the sauce or soup. The flexible silicone arm attaches to the rim of the pot, so Spice Bomb can easily be pulled out again. Spice Bomb can also be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

Material: stainless steel, silicone, dishwasher safe

Art-No.: 003-GK01

Measures: Length 6.5 cm, Width 6.5 cm, Height 9 cm, Diameter 7 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Category: Shakers and Mortars
Brand: AdHoc
Color: silver
Material: silicone; stainless steel


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