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Donkey Products Snore-Stopper ZzzzDonkey Products Snore-Stopper Zzzz

Description of Donkey Products Snore-Stopper Zzzz

A snoring choir in your own bed (mostly affecting women) can really get on your nerves.
Unfortunately, a quick nudge is not always helpful and pinching his nose closed may not be the best approach.
Now there´s a remedy. The Snore-Stopper Zzzz
is a lightweight boxing glove attached to a wooden handle.
A small, but fatal blow to sleepless nights.

Forget sleep diagnostic centers, separate bedrooms and bags under your eyes the next morning -

because the Snore-Stopper Zzzz is the solution. From now on you will sleep through the night and your relationship will be saved!

The red boxing glove with a wooden handle is really lightweight and will enable targeted, gentle side jabs. For persistent snorers just jab a bit harder, depending on you and how strong your relationship is.
Peace and quiet in bed – well, when it comes to snoring! In this regard: finally a good night sleep!

Art-No.: 258-300685

Measures: Length 32 cm, Width 9 cm, Height 12 cm
Weight: 0.07 kg
Category: Fun Stuff
Brand: Donkey Products
Color: red
Material: wood; plastic

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