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Scheurich Planter 250 Wave Globe Taupe Granite

Scheurich Scheurich

Planter Wave Globe - outdoor planter made of plastic designed by Scheurich

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Scheurich Planter 250 Wave Globe Taupe GraniteScheurich Planter 250 Wave Globe Taupe Granite

Description of Scheurich Planter 250 Wave Globe Taupe Granite

Unique and innovative !

Terracotta and stone planters on balconies and terraces have enjoyed great popularity for decades – but they have two minor problems; they are heavy and often not sufficiently frost resistant. Plastic pots on the other hand, may be frost resistant and weigh less but alongside elegant outdoor furniture can look unattractive.

The new pot range Wave Globe made by Scheurich combines the best of both worlds. The new XXL-planters, are real lightweights, completely frost resistant and look like ceramic or granite planters. You will look in vain for the seams and sharp edges typical of most plastic manufacturing processes, instead, the round planter displays elegant curved edges and a very authentic-looking finishing.

Like all Scheurich products Wave Globe offers not only attractive shapes and colours, but also excellent functionality and it’s the little details that make a very good product better than an average one. Until now, most commercially available high-quality plastic planters for the outdoor area have had no water drain hole. To avoid the dreaded waterlogging, a hole had to be drilled in the bottom of the pot later – but there are better ways to spend your free time! Outdoor planters with a prefabricated hole also have a disadvantage, they can only be used with a saucer, which is not particularly attractive.

Wave Globe offers solutions for both problems; with the help of a tightly fitting plug, plant owners can decide when they need the hole in the bottom and when not. In the cold season, this allows the beautifully shaped planters to move safely indoors. Whether in the winter garden, the living room or the office space, Wave Globe works year round.

Art-No.: 555-250WGTG/VP

Category: Flower Pots
Brand: Scheurich
Color: brown
Series: Scheurich Outdoor


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