fatboy Pillow Set of 3 Baboesjka

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Baboesjka - 3 pillows with strap to combine to a stool designed by fatboy

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fatboy Pillow Set of 3 Baboesjkafatboy Pillow Set of 3 Baboesjka

Description of fatboy Pillow Set of 3 Baboesjka

Meet Baboesjka, the mother of the mother of the Fatboy family! Babushka is the Russian word for ‘grandmother’. Everyone knows that. But knowing Fatboy, this particular granny is a different story.

The new grandmother of the Fatboy family is the kind you want to invite for a drink with your friends or go and visit without her begging for it. Why? Well, the Baboesjka is a set of three, square shaped pillows that are stacked upon each other and attached to each other with a robust strap (they like to be close to each other). You get the picture, right? The three pillows form a layered pouffe, standing more stable than the tower of Pisa or the average drunk granny. And most of all, a great extra piece of furniture for your home!

The top layers of each pillow are stitched in a specific way, to create an esthetic pattern and a comfortable puffy like fluffiness. It’s very cuddly. The fabric is washable, so you can take Baboesjka outdoors to your balcony or garden. Grandmothers do love fresh air. The sets are available per 3 with different combination of pillows, so you can mix and match. The straps are strong and hold the 3 pillows together. Yes, a modern grandmother knows how to be good to you.

Sit on the floor or outside with friends, pray on your knees or just sit on it like a real pouffe wants you to. And knit a nice sweater for your grandma while you’re at it.

The Baboesjka adds the element of play to your furniture collection and is always handy during those unexpected opportune moments in life: the ideal extra piece of furniture to have around the house!

Art-No.: 519-900630/VP

Measures: Length 45 cm, Width 45 cm, Height 49 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Category: Stools
Brand: fatboy
Material: polyester


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