Normann Copenhagen

In 2002 Normann Copenhagen launched their first product, the lamp Norm 69. With this product Normann Copenhagen entered the international scene of design.

The story of Normann Copenhagen begins in 1999, when Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen teamed up to start the Normann Copenhagen company. Initially run as a design store on Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen, the turning point came in autumn 2001 when a product line was launched under the company’s own name: Normann Copenhagen.

In early 2002 the first Normann Copenhagen product, the Norm 69 lamp designed by Simon Karkov was introduced. Later the same year, further three products were put on the market: the Washing-up bowl and brush in rubber, designed by Ole Jensen, the Swing Vase by Britt Bonnesen and Ole Jensen’s Dustpan and Broom. Today, Normann Copenhagen export to 77 different countries and is wellrepresented in Denmark, USA, the United Kingdom,the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Norway and Germany.