Mini Nativity Set for a tea light

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Mini Nativity Set for a tea lightMini Nativity Set for a tea light

Description of Mini Nativity Set for a tea light

The world´s most delicate nativity set!

Often it´s the little things that create the most joy. It´s the same with this Mini Nativity Set.

Despite of its minimal size, Mini Nativity Set is made in a very detailed and filigree manner. With the tea light burning, it creates an instant feeling of comfort and combines modernity and tradition.

Mini Nativity Set is a unique and one of a kind Christmas card! Both addressee and sender will be especially delighted with receiving and sending this extraordinary and loving Advent greeting.

The stage for the Mini Nativity Set is a normal, commercially available tea light. The set will find its place between the wax and the sides of the aluminum cup. Simply light the tea light and let its magic unfold.

Mini Nativity Set is packed as a Christmas postcard. The characters stand in file in front of the postcard and on the back, is space enough for a personalized Christmas greeting.

Material: high quality stainless steel 0.3 mm

Dimensions: width altogether 12,2 cm; height of the largest figure 3.2 cm
Dimensions postcard: length 21 cm, width 9,8 cm
Made in Germany!

Art-No.: 435-mikrippe

Measures: Length 12 cm, Width 0.01 cm, Height 3.5 cm
Weight: 0.005 kg
Category: Christmas Cards
Color: coloured
Material: stainless steel

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