Microwave Egg Boiler Boiley

Microwave Egg Boiler Boiley - a funny, egg-shaped egg boiler for the microwave

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Microwave Egg Boiler BoileyMicrowave Egg Boiler Boiley

Description of Microwave Egg Boiler Boiley

Breakfast Egg 2.0
Say goodbye to waiting for water to boil and to a bulky egg cooker, because here comes Boiley the Egg Boiler for the microwave.
Without delay or fanfare the egg is quickly on the table. Simply pour a bit of water into the plastic egg boiler, position the aluminum insert, add the egg, place the cover and off into the microwave. Let it cook for 4-7 minutes depending on the desired hardness. Presto, the perfect breakfast egg – which can also be served in the egg boiler.
  • egg boiler with feet
  • with aluminum insert
  • easy to clean
Ping! Enjoy!

Art-No.: 231-50237

Measures: Length 6 cm, Width 6 cm, Height 11 cm, Diameter 6 cm
Weight: 0.05 kg
Category: Kitchen Aids
Color: white
Material: aluminium; plastic

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