Lambskin pink

Dyed, longhaired decorative lambskin with a length of 80 – 90 cm

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Lambskin pink

Description of Lambskin pink

Warm, soft, cuddly! For millennia sheepskin has been known for its beneficial effects. The label Fellhof dyes genuine lambskin and creates wonderful decorative pieces for your home.

Lambskins boast several unique properties that synthetic materials have not been able to achieve or replicate. They can equalize temperatures: In the summer they keep you cool, during winter they keep you warm and are also always cuddly soft. Use a lambskin as a chair cover for your favorite armchair, as a throw-rug for babies and small children or for next to the bed – wherever you would like to place it, thelonghaired decorative lambskin adds a wonderful natural touch to any decór.

  • longhaired lambskin
  • length: 80 – 90 cm
  • wool length: 4 – 5 cm
  • color: pink

Did you know, unlike other animals on a fur farm, that the sheep used for these products are not just raised solely for their valuable skins? They live in flocks, roaming free on spacious pastures, and are shorn once a year. The valuable wool they produce is then used by the label Fellhof for manufacturing sweaters, socks, and other useful products. And when the time comes for the sheep to be culled, their skins become a natural byproduct.

Friends of the extraordinary will love the cozy decorative lambskins!

Art-No.: 808-124006

Measures: Length 90 cm, Width 50 cm, Height 5 cm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Category: Carpets
Color: pink


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