Interactive Illuminated T-Shirt

"Glow in the dark" T-Shirt: create a drawing on the surface with the use of light

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Interactive Illuminated T-ShirtInteractive Illuminated T-ShirtInteractive Illuminated T-Shirt

Description of Interactive Illuminated T-Shirt

Create a unique t-shirt by illuminating the surface – over and over again! On this Interactive Illuminated T-Shirt, you can create a drawing by using light that glows in the dark. The pattern glows for about five minutes before it slowly starts to fade.

For drawing, any type of light can be used: mobile phones, flashlights, laser pens or the included UV keyring. But, the higher the UV output and the more direct the light is, the brighter the glowing effect will be. Just draw on the t-shirt exactly as you would with an ordinary pen and be amazed by the glow in the dark results. A heart, a graphic pattern, dots, or even letters – everything's possible.

  • the greenish glow effect lasts approx. 5 minutes
  • UV keyring included
  • material: 100 % cotton
  • machine washable (see instructions on the label)
Draw on the shirt with light and make it glow!

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