Glückssachen can be translated as "Lucky Charms". It means the little trinkets and gadgets that make life more pleasant and enable us to fill somebody with joy with the smallest amount of effort.

Glücksachen started in Summer 2008. The person behind this brand is Nena Dietz. She is a communications designer from Stuttgart, South Germany.

The range is composed of paper based products using graphic design, illustration and product design.All products are produced in small editions, partially handmade.

The assortment is divided between two groups: one for children and families and one for adults.

The children's range combines little animals and monster stories with different kinds of products e.g postcards, gift tags, advent calenders etc. In collaboration with other companies and crafts-people including a goldsmith these characters have been developed further to create wall stickers and jewellery.

For adults Glücksachen designs more "arty" and stylish products. For example a typographic "card calender", lanterns with floral designs and stamped postcards.

Glückssachen is developing the range in both directions and is always open for new collaborations in diverse fields of design.