The company is located in Frankfurt, Germany and distributes the cups known from the famous clip with the voices of the hessian comedy-duo Mundstuhl.

Ever since we founded our computer animations company FIFTYEIGHT 3D in 1998, we’ve had a dream: To realize all the countless creative ideas in our heads not only in the shape of 3D-computer-animated films, but also possibly someday try our hand at product development.
Ultimately, a TV-commercial for which we developed a talking teacup character got the ball rolling. We decided to go ahead and manifest the quirky talking cup in physical form. Couldn’t be that hard, right?
As it turned out, it was actually a long way from our computer-generated 3D-model to holding a finished porcelain cup in our hands. A long way paved with disappointing product samples that just couldn’t live up to our quality standards.
But in 2007, the two white cups – named “Tassen,” from the German word for “cups” – with their signature smiling and sulking expressions became a manifest reality forged from genuine porcelain. It was done. FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS was born.
Since then, our initial two products have advanced to become true classics in our continuously growing product line-up. We’ve added cups with new facial expressions, colored bowls, espresso cups, dipping bowls, and even a huge jug... all made from genuine, hotel-quality porcelain. Add to that an assortment of ten cutting boards with zany Tassen artwork, and new ideas added constantly.
When it comes to developing new products, we continuously strive to bring authentic, original and unique products to the market, always meeting the highest quality standards. Products that are fun and truly stand out for being special!
Next to outstanding manufacturing expertise, we also put great emphasis on controlling the working conditions under which our products are produced. And of course on environmentally sound production and packaging. After all, we don’t want our grandchildren to make sulking faces at us, like that little teacup...
It’s been a wild ride and we’re still having loads of fun here at FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS. Next to our quirky porcelain cups, we have tons and tons of ideas cooking up as we speak, so get ready to be surprised...
A true FIFTYEIGHT PRODUCTS classic, these genuine porcelain bowls from our Tassen™ product line are based on the quirky 3D-animated characters known under the same name. These two talkative cups – or “Tassen” in German – are keeping their growing fan base in stitches with regular appearances in animated short films. Currently available in three different models: Grinning, sulking and kissing face bowls, all in classic white porcelain.
These bowls remain a staple and top-seller for our company. Made from genuine, high-quality hardened porcelain – shatterproof according to hotel quality standards – offering a capacity of 500ml (about 17 fl oz). Perfect for serving Cafe Latte or cereal, as well as salads, soups, pasta, or everyday snacks like nuts or gummy bears. With their comic expressions, these are real conversation pieces that will lighten up any table.
Both dishwasher and microwave-proof, with a polished base and varnished rim, our Tassen™ bowls meet the stringent quality standards for products Made in Europe. All Tassen™ bowls are packaged individually in an eco-friendly box; making them the perfect gift for any occasion; a kiss for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or a big, fat birthday grin – with Tassen™ you’re always giving away more than just a piece of dishware.