Delivery Time

Shipment within Germany will be delivered within 1-2 working days.
Shipments abroad will be delivered within 4-10 working days.

In the event that a product has a longer delivery time, this will be displayed on the product detail page.

Forwarding Charges

Lieferung nach Deutschland


Orders < 50,00 € Orders > 50,00 €
4,95 € * Free of shipping costs *

* For shipping via DHL Express we charge 12,90 € flat. Bulky goods ships within Germany for 20,00 € flat. For shipping via a truck company within Germany we charge 100,00 € flat.

Lieferung nach sterreich


Orders < 50,00 € Orders > 50,00 €
6,90 € * Free of shipping costs *
Lieferung in die EU


Orders < 100,00 € Orders > 100,00 €
9,90 € * Free of shipping costs *

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland

Orders < 100,00 € Orders > 100,00 €
16,90 € * Free of shipping costs *

USA, Canada, Australia, Russia (max. 20 kg)

All Order Values
49,00 € *

* For delivery of bulky goods abroad we charge 30,00 € flat. For shipping via a truck company abroad we charge 100,00 € flat.

Additional Shipping Information

Part delivery

If, due to technical reasons, we must dispatch your order in partial shipments you will be charged for the postage only once.

Bulk goods

An additional fee of 20,00 € will be charged for deliveries within Germany. An additional fee of 30,00 € will be charged for deliveries abroad.

Delivery via truck company

An additional fee of 100,00 € will be charged for deliveries within Germany. An additional fee of 200,00 € will be charged for deliveries abroad.

VAT for Swiss customers and non-EU customers

Swiss customers and non-EU customers are not required to pay the German VAT (19%). The VAT will be levied by the respective country, usually through its customs authority.

The GoGreen Program offered by DHL

DHL Go GreenGoGreen makes an active contribution to environmental protection. They are planning to utilize alternative vehicles and fuels. And, based on the guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol, DHL GoGreen will calculate upfront the CO2 emissions produced when transporting our shipments. The value of emissions will be offset by investing in environmental projects such as, the reforestation of the rainforest.

Payment Types

  • Credit Card Payment
    Mastercard, VISA, American Express
    The charge to your credit card will be effected upon order shipment.
  • Prepayment
    Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay


Is the merchandise not to your liking or is it in any way defective, and you would like to return it? No problem! For returns from abroad, please contact our Customer Service Department for detailed information about how to accurately process the return.

Bank Details

Commerzbank Bensheim
Holder: design3000 GmbH
Kto.-Nr.: 637771700
BLZ: 50840005

IBAN: DE61508400050637771700

Please reference the invoice number as the reason for payment. For prepayment money transfers, please reference the order number.

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