Brainstream Egg Boiler Detlef for soft eggs

Brainstream Brainstream
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Brainstream Egg Boiler Detlef for soft eggs

Description of Brainstream Egg Boiler Detlef for soft eggs

Please forget everything you knew up until now about egg-timers.
Because here it is: PiepEgg
PiepEgg is an egg-timer which cooks with your eggs!
Breakfast eggs can't be cooked more easily and more precise!
'Cause PiepEgg is the (c)ultimative egg-timer which recognizes the temperature when the 
egg yolk is coagulating.  Just cook PiepEgg with your eggs and a effectual melody  signalizes  when the wanted firmness is reached inside you eggs.
The yellow PiepEgg Detlef controlles the "softies" for wallowers who prefer the egg white real soft and the yellow of an egg flowing.

Art-No.: 175-A000325

Measures: Length 4.5 cm, Width 4.5 cm, Height 5.5 cm
Weight: 0.035 kg
Category: Kitchen Timer
Brand: Brainstream
Color: yellow
Material: plastic
Awards: Stiftung Innovation Designpreis

Product Certification:

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