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Description of Menu Decanting Pourer Vintage

Menu's Decanting Pourer makes wine more enjoyable.

Menu’s patented Decanting Pourer oxygenates, filters and splits the wine, providing the ultimate taste and bouquet at the very moment the wine is poured – regardless of price category. The advanced interior of the pourer was the brainchild of Danish inventor Torben Flanbaum.
Venturi pipe to wine’s rescue
After watching a TV programme about wine and decanting, Torben Flanbaum came up with an idea to solve a major dilemma for the wine connoisseur:
how to oxygenate the wine at the right moment and in the right quantity before the dinner without the bouquet being lost and without wine being left in carafes once the guests have left? Flanbaum derived inspiration from what is known as the Venturi pipe. The Venturi pipe was invented by the Italian physicist G. B. Venturi in the 18th century. He used the pipe to measure the velocity of fluids and gases. The Venturi pipe inside the Decanting Pourer uses a narrow section in the shape of an hourglass to create a vacuum as the wine passes through. A small "breathing hole" draws air into the wine and oxygenates it. The wine is further perfected on its way through the pouring spout, where a sieve with eight holes splits the precious drops.
Better wine, more pleasure – irrespective of the price.

Tests have shown that even cheap common or garden wines improve considerably when poured through the Menu Decanting Pourer. Connoisseurs will tell you that oxygenating wine in this way also makes a really good wine even more enjoyable. Many quality wines develop exciting nuances in the glass, which you more or less miss out on if the wine is left standing for too long. If, however, the wine is decanted at the same time as it is poured, all these nuances have no time to disappear.
Prize-winning concept and design:
Since it was launched in 1999, Menu’s patented Decanting Pourer has attracted praise in Denmark and abroad. At the “Gave & Interiør Messe” (Gift & Interior Fair) in Norway in 1999, the pourer won "best new product": "the Decanting Pourer is innovative, solves the decanting problem and simplifies the serving of wine - all in a simple and appealing design".


Art-No.: 201-4653239

Measures: Length 9.5 cm, Width 3.3 cm, Height 3.3 cm, Diameter 3.3 cm
Weight: 0.115 kg
Category: Spout
Brand: Menu
Color: black
Material: rubber; stainless steel
Designer: Martin Sonne

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