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Description of Hamburger Press

A new star has risen into barbecue heaven – the Hamburger Press designed by Sagaform.
Finally, a clever and cool solution to the problem of not having a presentable hamburger on the grill. Until now you had to deal with totally out of shape burgers. And anyway: who´s going to stand in the kitchen and knock the patties into shape? And with what? And then, they´re too thick, too thin, fall apart, and, and, and ...!

Now, there´s a light at the end of the tunnel! You´ll have a blast sizzling burgers on the grill. Because, on the spot, who ever wants to can press their own burgers and directly put them on the grill. This is not only fun, but very important. The results will convince you –  delicious, well shaped hamburgers for all! Yummy – they´ll taste so much better and ... there will be nothing to complain about!

Art-No.: 075-5015152

Measures: Length 11.5 cm, Width 11.5 cm, Height 8.5 cm, Diameter 11 cm
Weight: 0.245 kg
Category: Grill Accessories
Color: black
Material: plastic


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