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Bottle Opener Johnny Catch - a bottle opener with an integrated magnet by höfats

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höfats Bottle Opener Johnny Catch Magnethöfats Bottle Opener Johnny Catch Magnethöfats Bottle Opener Johnny Catch Magnet

Description of höfats Bottle Opener Johnny Catch Magnet

The morning after a wild party: Empty bottles on the shelves and behind the sofa pillows, dirty dishes all over the kitchen and constantly stepping on bottle capswhich are scattered everywhere.

At least we have the solution for this problem: Johnny Catch – the bottle opener that spares you the annoying trip to the trash can. It comes with a super strong magnet, which actually catches up to 20 bottle caps. Almost like magic the bottle caps just stick at the bottom edge of the Johnny Catch and can be easily disposed of as needed. Opening a bottle has never been easier and cooler!

Since Johnny Catch is mounted on the wall – preferably near to the refrigerator – the constant search for the bottle opener is also eliminated. Another advantage: Johnny allows opening bottles one-handed!

  • bottle opener with integrated magnet
  • up to 20 bottle caps stick to it
  • wall mounting without screws and dowels
  • 100 % stainless steel
  • Red Dot Design Award Winner 2015
  • FORM# 2014 Winner

design3000.de helped to bring this product to the market!

The brilliant idea that was the inspiration for the Johnny Catch came from the engineers and product designers Thomas Kaiser and Christian Wassermann. However, the two lacked the necessary capital to make the idea into a reality. So they decided to use Crowdfunding as a means for financing. And we at design3000.de were one of the firsts to support the project. – In the end, the great idea convinced everyone, and the project was financed. With the result that you can now buy this fascinating bottle opener from us.

Johnny Catch – the cool bottle opener that saves you the chaos or the constant trip to the trash can. – Just chill out and party.

Art-No.: 637-040101

Measures: Length 16.5 cm, Width 8.5 cm, Height 5.5 cm
Weight: 0.1 kg
Category: Bottle Opener
Brand: höfats
Color: silver
Material: stainless steel

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