Book Shelves

Book Shelves

Our Book Shelves make your books float and provide the illusion that your books are stacked up and floating in the air without a single shelf to be seen. They look like a worm on the wall and sometimes nearly invisible.


Book Tower: Magic from Haseform

The design of the Book Tower is exceptional and makes a neat impression. Piles of books are no longer in the way, but now have a permanent place on the wall. You will never again trip over and have to tidy up reading materials, since they are no longer laying around all over the floor. With the Book Tower attached to the wall, it will undoubtedly become the eye-catcher in the room.

Book Tower as a Space Saver

Already at first glance, the Book Tower distinguishes itself from other wall shelves. The Book Tower can be placed in small corners and in narrow spaces on the wall. The wall space in your home will be optimally utilized.

Book Tower: 2 Sizes and 2 Colors

The Book Tower from Haseform is available in two sizes. It is either 1 meter in length or comes in the XL version of 1.80 meters long. The design company focuses on two colors for the Book Tower, which include anthracite and white.

Book Tower: Floating or with a Stand

The Haseform Book Tower can do more than just float, it can also stand on one foot. This allows the shelf to be more flexible and can be moved from one place to another. The matching stand is available in our shop in either anthracite or white.

Book Tower: The books complete the design.

Your books can be easily removed from the wall shelf Book Tower by Haseform, since the slender shelves provide stability within the stack of books. Depending on your taste, you can arrange the books based on color or just mix them around for a colorful stack. With the Book Tower the books play the main role, because only through the books themselves is the design of the Book Tower complete.