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Ergonomically shaped barbecue tongs, multifunctional

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höfats Barbecue Tongshöfats Barbecue Tongshöfats Barbecue Tongs

Description of höfats Barbecue Tongs

Thanks to its asymmetrical design, the nicely shaped Barbecue Tongs are ergonomically and securely held in the hand. The slightly slanted edges allow for delicate foods to be handled gently. The openings on the ends ensure for a good grip and a clear view – they give the tongs transparency where it matters, which makes them a perfect tool for turning small shrimps as well as a nice T-bone steak.

But there's more. The Barbecue Tongs can be used to place the cooking grid over the charcoals or vice versa for removing the hot grid from the barbecue. And since standing by the barbecue normally makes everyone thirsty, the handy tongs can lift not only steaks and the cooking grid but also the bottle caps. Cheers!

  • multifunctional barbecue tongs
  • ergonomically shaped
  • Design Award Winner 2016
  • Focus Open Design Award Winner 2016
  • 100 % stainless steel
Barbecue tongs for all occasions! The perfect guest at any barbecue.

Art-No.: 637-030401

Measures: Length 40 cm, Width 7 cm, Height 2 cm
Weight: 0.23 kg
Category: Grill Accessories
Brand: höfats
Color: silver
Material: stainless steel


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