Bag-storing Hen Etelvina Macumba white

Bag-storing Hen Etelvina – a white hen made of fabric with room in its tummy to store plastic bags

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Bag-storing Hen Etelvina Macumba whiteBag-storing Hen Etelvina Macumba whiteBag-storing Hen Etelvina Macumba white

Description of Bag-storing Hen Etelvina Macumba white

You will have fun in the kitchen with the Etelvina hen. Although, Etelvina herself is not laughing too much, since she normally hangs upside down on the wall or from the ceiling and is not really alive and kicking. But, upon seeing Etelvina, that´s exactly what is so amusing.

And this funny hen actually has a function: Plastic bags that you have undoubtedly brought home from shopping can easily be stored in Etelvina´s belly until they are needed again! Now plastic bags are no longer filling up space in a drawer, but are filling the belly of this funny hen. And when you happen to need a bag, just grab the hen by the neck and there you will find a small slit where you can easily pull a bag out.
fabric bag as a storage place for plastic bags
with a loop at the claws for hanging
washable at 30°C
comes in a funny gift box
Etelvina the hen always had a dream to fly way up high in the sky. And one day she had a great idea: Why not parachute with lots of plastic bags? And that´s exactly what she did … and now you know how the story ended.
Etelvina will add a playful touch to the kitchen, not necessarily for vegetarians, but for those who like it original and have a plastic bag problem!

Art-No.: 544-PLA0001

Measures: Length 29 cm, Width 26 cm, Height 67 cm
Weight: 0.04 kg
Category: Bag Clips
Color: white
Material: polyester
Series: Etelvina


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