Bag-light SOI

SOI – a small light for your handbag, that without contact turns on and automatically turns off

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Bag-light SOIBag-light SOIBag-light SOI

Description of Bag-light SOI

Women rummage through their handbags 76 days out of their lives. - Did you know that?

Don´t waste time tediously searching for keys, cell phone, lip gloss & Co. To the rescue and available now is a fresh star in the broad sky of accessories: SOI – the bright spot with curves.

SOI (spoken: so-i) is a lovely, flexible and environmentally friendly light source for your handbag, which already illuminates upon close approximation or slight contact.

SOI can automatically detect an approaching hand and will begin to illuminate. When there is no hand in sight and it stays off. SOI is made as narrow and compact as possible and only takes up as much space as necessary. But, it is large enough to sufficiently illuminate and it can always be found.

  • small, round bag-light
  • SOI lettering is engraved on the front
  • smooth surface, pleasing to the touch
  • sturdy
  • operated by 2 batteries, ea. 3V (incl.)
  • packaged in an elegant, black gift box
  • concise user guide, included
  • 100% recyclable
  • ecological materials
  • Made in Germany
SOI will light up the dark, chaotic handbags of the world and it will, ultimately, make the lives of their users a bit better. A great gift for women!
Materials: plastic, LEDs, batteries

Art-No.: 175-A001546

Measures: Length 7 cm, Width 7 cm, Height 2.2 cm, Diameter 7 cm
Weight: 0.045 kg
Category: Fashion Accessories
Color: white
Material: plastic
Awards: Form Design Award


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