Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set

Aroma-Set for the molecular gastronomy

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 Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set

Description of Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set

Eating is an experience that speaks to many senses. And for the Aroma R-Evolution Deluxe Edition Set from Molecule-R, this is the starting point: 8 Aromaforks and 8 Aromaspoons release one of 42 different aromas, creating an extraordinary and intense flavor experience, which also involves the sense of smell.

Just select an aroma and, with one of the included droppers, place a few drops on one of the diffusion papers and then place the paper on one of the Aromaforks. With every bite, the aroma now mixes with the flavor of the food. Tasting food will become an adventure. Enjoy a fascinating, olfactory experience that will forever change your sense of taste!


  • 8 Aromaforks
  • 8 Aromaspoons
  • 42 Aromas
  • 8 droppers
  • 200 diffusion papers
  • 1 Aroma Supertaster Test

Attention: Product information and directions are in English and French

Experience a new side of molecular gastronomy and enjoy extraordinary new flavors.

Art-No.: 529-MOL065

Measures: Length 36.5 cm, Width 22 cm, Height 9.9 cm
Weight: 2.04 kg
Category: Gifts by Interest
Material: grocery

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