Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter

Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter – 33 m adhesive roll of tape with Happy Birthday lettering and balloons in the set

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Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter

Description of Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter

Hurray, a kid´s party! - At least that´s what the kids are thinking, and the parents? Well, perhaps not.

Not to worry, now there´s a great birthday party idea from Donkey Products.  Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter is the perfect decoration aid. You can decorate the table, the room, the floor actually whatever you want! You can even use it to decorate the presents. And later, how about a game using the tape and the balloons.

Young and old alike will be thrilled with  Adhesive Tape Birthday Meter. Just try it out!

Material: tape on a roll, removable, made in Germany

Art-No.: 258-300606

Measures: Length 3300 cm, Width 5 cm, Height 5 cm
Weight: 0.145 kg
Category: Party Decoration
Color: coloured
Material: plastic
Series: Tape Gallery

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