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design3000.de – Our Team

Every Day is a new Discovery

We are curious. We love a surprise.
Always-the-same is not an option for us.
Exploring is what drives us.
We browse through a jungle of offers.
Always on the hunt for new ideas and designs.
Acquiring new ideas and passing them on fills us with joy.

We are explorers and like to surprise.
We are style finders and style guides.
We are inspiration and guidance.
We spread happiness and joy and a cheerful feeling.
For ourselves and others.
Over and over again.
At every opportunity.
Every day.

For the Heroes of Beauty

From a genuine passion for good design, Frank Levita founded design3000.de in 1999. As an e-commerce specialist and from the very beginning, his vision was to make available on the internet an assortment of exceptional and unparalleled gifts & design products. As a result he also hit the nerve of other design fans, lovers of fine products and heroes of beauty.

More and more well-known as well as young designers are included in the portfolio. Established brands, inspiring novel products and elegant design classics find a platform by design3000.de. For some famous brands, such as Fissler, Koziol, menu or AdHoc, they use design3000´s online expertise to distribute and sell their products.

We firmly believe that good style makes the world more beautiful. And for those who agree, they should be rewarded for their fine taste by collecting points. That is the reason for the introduction of our own PAYBACK card. And although collecting points is only one side of the story, since 2013 we are the first and only online shop that offers cashing in points via PAYBACK.

To date more than half a million customers trust us. And for this reason, and naturally for continued satisfaction, our 45 design loving employees make a special effort to keep all customers happy every single day. As a result, design3000.de is today one of the leading German online shops in the categories Living, Giving and Dining.

5 good reasons to shop by design3000.de:

  1. We explore for you

    For our customers we are constantly searching in the jungle of offers for new, exciting brands and extraordinary product ranges – at international design fairs, during our daily research or together with our bloggers.

  2. Quality is our priority

    Each product must meet our highest standards regarding function and quality. This applies to traditional brands such as Fissler or KitchenAid as well as for newcomer brands like Snurk or Frohstoff.

  3. We deliver quickly

    96% of our products are inventoried in our shop and are immediately available, and more than 98% of all orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours. For the remaining scant 2%, the anticipation for their arrival can be enjoyed just a bit longer.

  4. We like a personal touch

    Our employees in our Customer Service Department are very familiar with our products and services, are easy for you to reach and are always looking forward to assisting you.

  5. We want to impress our customers

    Satisfaction is not enough. We want our customers to be impressed. And in most cases they are.

Our Favorite Products

Everyone on our team has a penchant for beautiful things. It would be hard to escape from, since we are surrounded daily by so many stylish products and design classics. With all of the exciting novel products that regularly come into our product range, of course our favorites can change. These are some of our current favorites:

Frank Levita and Felix Vay
Jenny Schmitt and Dirk Weimar
Alexandra Rößler and Katja Pieroth
Michaela Burger and Michelle Favaro

Distinguished Customer Service

Do you have any questions about your order or our products? Our Customer Service staff is on site and can personally take your call or answer your e-mail.

Incidentally: Quality assistance and friendliness are top priorities for our team. As a matter of fact they have been awarded the distinguished Service Seal in Gold for their outstanding customer service.

Unser Team vom Kundenservice

You can call our Customer Service:
Tel: +49 (0) 60 62 - 80 9 80 00
Mo.– Fr. 10 am to 5 pm.
E-Mail: contact@design3000.de

Dependable Shipping Department

At all stations, from receiving goods to shipping them out, our shipping team always gives its best effort, so that your order is carefully packaged and delivered to you within one to two days via DHL.

And although some say that the anticipation is half the fun, we believe the fun of opening and unpacking easily surpasses everything else. And although some say that the anticipation is half the fun, we believe the fun of opening and unpacking easily surpasses everything else.