Creano Abloom-Tealini White Tea Jasmine Heaven

Creano Creano

A hand bound tea blossom for an extraordinary tea experience

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Creano Abloom-Tealini White Tea Jasmine HeavenCreano Abloom-Tealini White Tea Jasmine HeavenCreano Abloom-Tealini White Tea Jasmine Heaven

Description of Creano Abloom-Tealini White Tea Jasmine Heaven

Tealini – The revolutionary innovation by Creano!

Tealini is a fine-flavored Abloom-Tea developed in a one-cup portion with an integrated cotton string, which allows for easy handling like a conventional tea bag.

Tealini is a flowering tea ball. Skillfully concealed inside of the ball is an exotic blossom. However, its secret only unfolds when the ball is placed in a cup of boiling hot water. This tea product is almost all handcrafted. There are only a few master binders in China who are proficient in binding the Abloom-Tea by hand to create this unique work of art – which makes it a rarity.

  • White Tea - Jasmine Heaven
  • net weight 5g
  • easy to handle, similar to a tea bag
  • up to 3 infusions possible
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • The Abloom-Tea is carefully monitored for pesticide/residue levels.

Abloom-Tealini – The blossoming ball opens up in the cup and reveals for you all of its beauty!

Content: white tea with jasmine aroma, from all natural ingredients (tea leaves and natural flowers) & aromas - residue controlled -

Art-No.: 315-153

Measures: Length 5 cm, Width 5 cm, Height 5 cm
Weight: 0.005 kg
Category: Tea
Brand: Creano
Color: coloured
Material: grocery

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