Creano Abloom-Tea Gift Set Black Tea

Creano Creano

A teapot & 6 hand bound tea blossoms for an extraordinary tea experience

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Creano Abloom-Tea Gift Set Black TeaCreano Abloom-Tea Gift Set Black TeaCreano Abloom-Tea Gift Set Black Tea

Description of Creano Abloom-Tea Gift Set Black Tea

The Abloom-Tea offers the tea connoisseur an extraordinary experience: Skillfully concealed inside of the ball is an exotic blossom. However, its secret only unfolds when the ball is placed in a pot of boiling hot water. Slowly the ball begins to open and, at the end of the infusion period, the colorful and beautifully shaped embedded flower emerges.

This tea product is almost all handcrafted. There are only a few master binders in China who are proficient in binding the Abloom-Tea by hand to create this unique work of art – which makes it a rarity.

Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Boil approx. 500 ml of water and pour it carefully into the teapot. Please note: In contrast to how green tea is prepared, here the use of boiling hot water is necessary in order to ensure that the Abloom-Tea ball completly opens. Step 2: Carefully place the Abloom-Tea ball in the water and watch in marvel ... Step 3: Please follow the recommended steeping time. This high-quality black tea can be steeped for an exceptionally long period of time without becoming bitter.

Set's contents:

  • teapot made of glass
  • volume capacity: 500 ml
  • 6 Abloom-Tea balls in 3 different varieties: black tea (min. 95 %; flowers (1 to 5 %) from marigold, rose (damascena), jasmine, rose (centifolia), lavender
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • contains caffeine (not recommended for children and pregnant women)

The Abloom-Teas are carefully monitored for pesticide/residue levels.

When the blossoming ball opens up in the teapot, it reveals for you all of its beauty.

Art-No.: 315-001

Measures: Length 16.5 cm, Width 16.5 cm, Height 13.5 cm, Diameter 10 cm, Volume 0.5 L
Weight: 0.16 kg
Category: Coffee & Tea Pots
Brand: Creano
Color: coloured

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