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Qualy Flowerpot Log & Squirrel

Art.No.: 039-QL10075BNGN
Flowerpot Log & Squirrel – a self watering flowerpot designed by Qualy with a tiny squirrel, which indicates the water level
The Flowerpot Log & Squirrel has that special extra something, namely an inhabiting and delightful, orange squirrel!

Both the squirrel and the plant are dependent on your love and care. And, when you pour water through the knothole, the tiny squirrel will appear in its peephole and will show that the plant has enough water. As the water level decreases, you will see less and less of the tiny squirrel. If you only see its big, round eyes, then the squirrel and plant are awfully thirsty and it´s high time to water again! Clever and witty, this Flowerpot Log & Squirrel.

  • self watering Flowerpot Log and Squirrel
  • outside glossy brown, inside green
  • squirrel as water level indicator
  • water is supplied in the soil via a thin rope inside of the pot
  • cute gift box with a peephole for the Squirrel
  • packaging made of recycled materials
Add a cheerful touch to your day with the amusing self watering Flowerpot Log and Squirrel and, as a bonus, your plant will survive! A super sweet gift idea for young and old.  
Measures: Length 14 cm, Width 12 cm, Height 15.5 cm, Diameter 12.5 cm
Weight: 0.23 kg
Category: Planter & Co.
Brand: Qualy
Color: coloured; brown
Material: plastic
Series: Squirrel



Qualy – living with styles. Qualy means modern living: Qualy Products are designes with a "green concept". The products are designed to serve function and decoration purposes. All materials are specified for product usage, which make them durable and suit

Flowerpot Log & Squirrel

Flowerpot Log & Squirrel